Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream – Nutrition Facts

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Trans Fats

Trace amounts of trans fats are naturally found in milk. Additional trans fats may be present in specific Kawartha Dairy ice cream flavours depending on the unique ingredients added to the individual ice cream flavour recipe. For more information on trans fat content of a specific flavour, check the package or the individual flavour in the “Ice Cream” section of this website.

Gluten Statement

The following is the list of Ice Cream, Sherbet, Frozen Yogurt and No Sugar Added flavours which do not include ingredients containing gluten. However, Kawartha Dairy does produce other flavours of ice cream in the same facility which DO contain gluten. Although we follow widely accepted food industry “Good Manufacturing Practices” to limit the chance of cross-contamination of ingredients, there is always the possibility of gluten containing ingredients to come in contact with any flavour of ice cream we produce. Because of this, we cannot guarantee a “gluten free” status for any of our flavours.
The following flavours do not include any gluten-containing ingredients as part of their list of ingredients:
Chocolate Ice Cream Cone - Nutrition Product Image