Thank you for your interest in Kawartha Dairy.

Every year we receive an overwhelming number of requests for donations. Because of the volume of requests, we are unfortunately not able to extend support to every cause. We do, however, help out as much as we can, most often through in-kind product donations. Before submitting a request for donation to us please review Kawartha Dairy’s charitable giving mission statement below and assess whether your event/charitable organization aligns with it.

Kawartha Dairy’s Charitable Giving mission is to support

  • Children’s charitable causes
  • Events or organizations that support or promote health and wellness
  • Community improvement projects (in the areas local to our Kawartha Dairy retail stores)

If you are interested in a donation for your charitable organization or event please fill out the following form to tell us about your request. We require a minimum of 21 days advance notice and promise to get back to you as soon as possible regarding the status of your request.

Please note that most approved in-kind donations require pick up at one of our ten  Kawartha Dairy Retail Locations. Because we sell perishable products it is important that the products are kept frozen or refrigerated during transport. Please consider your own transportation/storage needs and driving times when making your request. In most cases, we do not supply other equipment, supplies or staff support along with our product donations.

Donation Request Form


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    Please note: Incomplete information and forms not submitted a minimum of 21 days in advance of your event will NOT BE CONSIDERED.